Friday, October 29, 2010

Letters from the End

Thank you for visit here in Iloilo. That’s all.
Thank you thank you ang babait na tito thank you 
First and for most… Thank you for being one of my friends. Thank you for the love, care, and understanding that you shared with us. I hope you never forget us especially me. 
Pls. take care to your self I miss you and pls. visit and pls. Don’t forget my name Tito Ryan you know you are my first friend Amirican. 
Dear Tito Ryan, Thank you so much for sharing your time, talents, skills & knowledge with us here in Iloilo. You know that we love you so much and we will treasure each moments we had spent with you. We love you! & We will miss you!!! 
It is a pleasure to say goodbye for you. 
Thank you for sharing your time with us :) and may you have a good health specially you and your parent’s and alway’s remember tha[t] you are always in our heart’s! :) 
Thank you for all the love and care you share to us. And for all the laughs that we shared together. And thank you because you teach us how to speak English. Hope that you will be back here and stay longer again. Stay what you are! and stay cool! 
[R]espect the person who she/he is
[Y]ummy is the name of my friend
[A]cceptable – accept the person who she/he is
[N]ever – don’t say never if you made it
[M]ysteries or mysterious – your life is mysterious but full of God’s Blessings
[U]nity – you can unite to ur community to become strong
[R] is your name Ryan Murphy
[P]rayer – u can help the people by praying to them w/out materials or money
[H]elpful – u can help the people w/out exchange w/out expecting so much.
[Y]ummy is you Tito Ryan you are my Friend
you are the best amirican her in the Philippines 

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Carren said...

Aw. That's a sweet letter. Yeah, don't forget them :)