Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Block party at Fort San Pedro


Along the curve of Iloilo’s wharf stand the remnants of a Spanish fort: a statue of Christ, a few steps and a respectable amount of graffiti are all that mark the spot, but next door stands a popular resort/eatery which carries on that questionable European name. Iloilo is an old city, settled early to secure its deepwater port, and many cultural artifacts from the time of Spanish occupation remain – particularly its profusion of venerable cathedrals.


As with so many places in this overpopulated country, the piers and portside walks fill up in the evenings with emancipated schoolkids and off-the-clock laborers. Barkadas try their fishing luck in the oily waters, children scamper around the rusty pilings, and everyone enjoys the cooling breeze blowing off the Guimaras Strait.
IMG_2140 IMG_2147 IMG_2152 IMG_2163
IMG_2174 IMG_2181


Carren said...

Hi Ryan,

These are great photos. I'm from the Philippines. I found your blog on Travel Exchange. It's great to see such documentation about my country and not just bombed buses and cruel killings. Good luck on your journeys.

- Carren (

arman said...

i miss fort san pedro... breezy place .. a nice place to unwind

arman said...

i miss fort san pedro... breezy place .. a nice place to unwind

Ryan Murphy said...

Thanks, Carren! I looked through some of your LA blog. I went to school in Malibu so I know some of the places you write about. Glad you liked Daichan too. :)

Carren said...

It's yummy! Can't wait to go back. I hope the Philippines is treating you well!

Anonymous said...

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