Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Iloilo Paraw Regatta


Every year, Villa in Iloilo City hosts a weeklong sailboat regatta. I wasn’t able to attend last year and this time I only caught the wrap-up on the penultimate day. It was a nice time: Villa Beach isn’t the loveliest stretch of sand, but it’s a stretch of sand nonetheless – and the distance across the strait to much prettier Guimaras Island almost seems swimmable.

The main reason I went was to finally take some photos with a 55-250mm telephoto lens I borrowed from a friend. Until now almost all of my photos were taken with the 15-55mm kit lens for my Digital Rebel XT. The summer before Peace Corps I did borrow my dad’s old Minolta and zoom lens, but – whether because of my own inexperience or something wrong with the camera – very few of my shots came out properly.

After shooting so long exclusively with a wide lens, the dynamics of telephoto took some getting used to. I found myself constantly fumbling to find the focus ring without looking, and the plane compression caused by the zoom made getting a sharp subject difficult (although I love the effect the compression can give).


If I had only been able to get this kid’s face in focus, the above photo would probably be one of my favorites ever.


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